Who owns the domains listed for sale at ExecNames?

ExecNames is the legal owner of every domain listed for sale on our website. Every domain listed on our site is for sale, and ExecNames does not currently provide listing or brokerage services on behalf of third parties.

❓ What happens when you purchase a domain name from ExecNames.com?

ExecNames is the registered owner of every domain listed for sale on our site. When you purchase a domain from us, you are purchasing exclusive registration rights to that domain. Once payment has been received, we will have the current registrar create a new account for the buyer, we will request that the domain be transferred to the buyer’s account, and we’ll relinquish control of the domain at that point. The buyer will in turn become the new registrant (registered owner) of the domain, and will assume full control of the domain.

What is the transfer process and how long will it take?

After we have received payment we will verify the purchase and transfer the domain to your own account at the domain’s current registrar. Since domain transfers are a manual process, it can take up to 48 hours to transfer the domain to the buyer’s account. Once you have received access to your account with the domain’s current registrar you will be able to move the domain to the registrar of your choosing.

 How can payment be made?

ExecNames 100 percent secure payment https SSLExecNames payment via PayPalExecNames secure payment via StripeExecNames secure SSL locked paymentExecNames secure payment via Apple Pay

ExecNames secure transfer via Escrow

We accept all major credit cards via PayPal and Stripe for domains purchased directly through our site. All payments are secure and protected using https:// Domain Validated RapidSSL/AlphaSSL SSL Certificate. If you prefer we can use the services of Escrow.com to facilitate payment for and transfer of the domain on behalf of each party. Note that applicable Escrow.com fees will be at the buyers expense. 

Will I own the domain?

Yes, once purchased the domain will be moved into your name and you will have full control of and exclusive registration rights to the domain. After you’ve purchased the domain, you will have the exclusive rights to do anything you want with it, including transferring the domain to another registrar.

Does anything come with the domain?

Yes! We will email to you all logos, graphics, text and that have been used to promote your domain. Outside of these assets you are buying the domain name only. Hosting, e-mail, and any other service will not be provided by ExecNames. As the buyer you will be required to seek hosting, e-mail, design, and other related services elsewhere. We are happy to refer you to our preferred vendors and service providers if you wish.

⏱ For how long should I register my domains?

You should keep your registration good for at least one year. Domains have annual renewal fees and we advise you to renew your domain for multiple years at a time. Annual renewal fees vary depending upon the registrar, and typical registration fees run between $8 and $30 annually. Once you purchase a domain, you will be responsible for maintaining the domain’s registration. Failure to do so will potentially result in the loss of your domain.

⌛️  How long does it take for the new ownership to show up in the WHOIS records?

Whois information is not updated immediately. It typically takes several hours for Whois data to update, and different registrars are faster than others. Usually your Whois information will be fully updated within two days.

Whois Privacy Protection

If you would like to put privacy protection on your domain you can do so after the domain has been pushed into your account. If the domain you purchased is at NameBright, there is an option to enable privacy protection for free once you log into your NameBright.com account to manage your domain name. If your domain is at another registrar such as GoDaddy or eNom you will have to pay for privacy protection to be added to your domain.

 When is a sale considered final?

All sales are subject to the final approval of ExecNames and we reserve the right to deny fulfilment of any order at any time, and for any reason. In the event that ExecNames decides to stop fulfilment of an order and payment has already been rendered by the buyer, we will issue a full refund immediately. Only once the domain name has been transferred into the buyer’s name and the buyer has received possession of the domain will a sale be considered final.

 What is the ExecNames returns policy?

At ExecNames you can buy and return any domain. All returns will be accepted*. The process for returning your domain is simple. Visit our support page to request a refund. We will have you return the domain to the previous registrant and will issue an immediate refund for the full purchase price of the domain.

To be eligible for a return the domain must be at the same registrar as when it was transferred to you. Transferring the domain name to another registrar will nullify your eligibility for a refund due to technical problems in transferring a domain within 60 days of it having transferred to another registrar. Please note that purchases made on a payment plan are ineligible for our 30 day return policy.

 Are the prices listed on ExecNames.com negotiable and does ExecNames accept offers?

ExecNames will always consider your offer. Our pricing may or may not be negotiable depending upon the domain in which you are interested in. The value of a domain is based on several factors, including: comparable sales, the length of the domain, and how common the name is. When approaching ExecNames with an offer, we will manually review the price of the domain. In doing so, we may determine that we are willing to accept less than our asking price. In some cases, we will determine that we are not willing to accept less than our asking price, and on rare occasions, we may discover that our asking price is too low.

⚙️ I own domain names that I would like to sell. Can I list my domains on ExecNames.com?

Maybe in the future but not right now. ExecNames receives frequent requests to provide listing and brokerage services. While this is something we may consider in the future, we do not actively offer listing services. If you would like to be added to our wait-list for this service please contact us via our contact form.